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    The Songs of Innocence, The Songs of Experience and The Book of Thel by William Blake at Nimbi - William Blake's Life, Poetry and Art

     In futurity
     I prophetic see
     That the earth from sleep
     (Grave the sentence deep)
     Shall arise, and seek
     for her Maker meek;
     And the desert wild
     Become a garden mild.
     In the southern clime,
     Where the summer's prime
     Never fades away,
     Lovely Lyca lay.
     Seven summers old
     Lovely Lyca told.
     She had wandered long,
     Hearing wild birds' song.
     "Sweet sleep, come to me
     Underneath this tree;
     Do father, mother, weep?
     Where can Lyca sleep?
     "Lost in desert wild
     Is your little child.
     How can Lyca sleep
     If her mother weep?
     "If her heart does ache,
     Then let Lyca wake;
     If my mother sleep,
     Lyca shall not weep.
     "Frowning, frowning night,
     O'er this desert bright
     Let thy moon arise,
     While I close my eyes."
     Sleeping Lyca lay
     While the beasts of prey,
     Come from caverns deep,
     Viewed the maid asleep.
     The kingly lion stood,
     And the virgin viewed:
     Then he gambolled round
     O'er the hallowed ground.
     Leopards, tigers, play
     Round her as she lay;
     While the lion old
     Bowed his mane of gold,
     And her breast did lick
     And upon her neck,
     From his eyes of flame,
     Ruby tears there came;
     While the lioness
     Loosed her slender dress,
     And naked they conveyed
     To caves the sleeping maid.



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